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Aquista focuses upon the UK retail banking, insurance and financial services markets, including their respective supply chains and works with clients across the UK to ensure that talented and effective leaders are in place who are capable of maximising their organisationís competitive edge.

We do this by taking an integrated approach which means that, depending upon need, we help clients to identify, evaluate, recruit, motivate, develop and retain talented and effective leaders who may currently sit within either external or internal talent pools.

Our highly distinctive approach truly delivers results and we believe that our extremely high success and repeat business rates and expanding client base are testament to this.

Importantly, our commitment to the UK retail banking, insurance and financial services markets remained resolute throughout the recent financial crisis. Despite the huge challenges organisations operating within these sectors faced, many are now growing again and the sectors as a whole continue to be of the utmost importance to the UK economy. We believe that our 100% focus upon them helps us operate as highly knowledgeable and experienced business partners to our clients.